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Partner With Australia’s Most Innovative Home Maintenance Service

What would your business be like if you had access to a predictable, pre-paid, zero-cost source of trade jobs?

There’s An Easier Way To Grow

Are you trying to grow your trade business but being held back by bottlenecks? Whether it’s dud leads, low close rates, bad debts or customer service holding you back, Upkeep+ can help.

We’re Changing The Game

Upkeep+ is a first-of-its-kind subscription that’s transforming the way Australians care for their homes. Our customers pay a simple monthly fee that covers their ongoing home maintenance & improvement needs.

For our partner tradies, that means…


Increased Workload

We provide partners with both subscription & on-demand jobs without the need to market, quote or negotiate.

Forward Visibility

Our subscription model    requires customers to plan jobs ahead, allowing you to optimize your schedule & improve your operating efficiency.

Timely Payment

Upon completing a job, you’ll be paid without delay, which means no more chasing customers, delayed payments or bad debts.

No Fees

We don’t charge platform fees or fees per lead, so you can reduce your expenses & increase your profits.

Enhanced Authority

Grow your business’ reputation by letting customers know you are working with Upkeep+, a business backed by IAG — one of Australia’s largest general insurers.

Get More Jobs With Upkeep+!

Ready to grow your business with a steady stream of pre-paid, hassle-free jobs? Just fill out the form below & someone from our team will be in touch.
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