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Upkeep+ makes home maintenance easy with clear & simple inclusions.

To help you better understand what you get in your Upkeep+ subscription, we’ve outlined the key inclusions & exclusions below. You should also check out our T&Cs for more information, or you can email hello@upkeepplus.com with any questions.

Upkeep+ Subscriptions Include

I. Property inspection & tailored Annual Maintenance Plan

After you’ve purchased an Upkeep+ subscription, a maintenance expert will do a bespoke assessment of your property & create your tailored Annual Maintenance Plan. This has been designed to optimise your maintenance work to help make sure your home is safe & comfortable all year round.



What You Get

  1. Key property details & general property condition captured.
  2. Photo documentation of each room & its key features.
  3. Maintenance & improvement recommendations for your property.
  4. Maintenance plan prioritised by our maintenance expert.

What’s Not Included

  1. Inspection of structural elements of the property.
  2. Inspection of timber pest activity, asbestos or lead paints.
  3. Provision of a traditional building inspection report.
  4. Bushfire hazard assessment.

II. Annual gutter cleaning

Your annual gutter cleaning is designed to help ensure your home is protected & safe from water damage or bushfire risks over the year. It will typically be completed after autumn to proactively address the increased build-up of debris before the storm & fire season. 


What You Get

  1. Removal of any accessible debris from roof, gully, gutters & downpipes.
  2. Placing of debris into your relevant bins in readiness for council collection.

What’s Not Included

  1. Gutter cleaning cannot be done for gutters above two storeys.
  2. Rubbish removal of excess gutter debris that does not fit into your council bins. If you wish to have this done, you will be charged using your handyman hours or on-demand handyman rates.Note – Apartment subscriptions do not include gutter cleaning. This would typically be done as part of your Strata plan – please speak to your strata agent/manager.


III. Annual pest control

Your annual pest control is designed to ensure you & your family enjoy your home, without sharing it with bugs. It will be completed every year during early summer, which is when bug activity can be more prominent.


What You Get

  1. General pest & rodent control services covering ants, mice, bees, wasps, cockroaches, flees & spiders.
  2. Internal treatment includes skirting boards, kitchen, laundry, accessible areas of the roof void & sub floor.
  3. Outdoor treatment includes balconies, verandas & patios.
  4. Treatment to external perimeters of your home such as walls, windows etc. where accessible.
  5. Six-month warranty period from trade partner on internal & external treatment (subject to Terms & Conditions).

What’s Not Included

  1. Specialist treatments such as termite inspection & removal are not included. However, you can arrange this via Upkeep+ for an additional cost.

IV. Annual Maintenance check up

Your annual maintenance check is completed in the last month of your subscription year. It is designed to update your property’s condition data as well as your tailored Annual Maintenance Plan for the year ahead. In addition, a maintenance expert will provide important annual maintenance services along the way.


What You Get

  1. Testing of smoke & CO detectors.
  2. Replacement of smoke detector batteries as needed.
  3. Inspection of caulking.
  4. Inspection of hot water heaters & testing pressure relief valves.
  5. Inspection of air conditioner & cleaning of filters as required.
  6. 1 HVAC filter replacement if needed (additional filters charged at $50 per filter).
  7. Washer change for any leaky or dripping taps.
  8. Lubrication of doors & windows as required
  9. Replacement of defective light bulbs (light bulbs to be provided by customer).

V. Trade Services

Your Upkeep+ subscription includes annual trade hours of a handyman, a plumber & an electrician. We’ve included these hours to address items on your home’s tailored Annual Maintenance Plan or for those little improvement jobs you’ve been hoping to get done.

What You Get

Trade Services House Apartment
  • 5 hours of labour per year
  • 2 free call outs per year
  • 4 hours of labour per year
  • 2 free call outs per year
Plumbing & Electrical
  • 3 hours of labour (combined) per year
  • 2 free call outs per year
  • 2 hours of labour (combined) per year
  • 1 free call out per year

What’s Not Included

  1. Plumbers can’t address major roof leaks, sewer works, water leaks, waterproofing or water pumps.
  2. Electricians can’t address level 2 services, e.g. work related to meter box to electrical mains.
  3. Handyman can’t perform jobs over $5,000 in value or any job that requires a specialist trade.
  4. Jobs above 2 stories or on roofs with a greater than 30-degree pitch.
  5. Cost of materials & parts. Where possible, you can get access to these at trade prices.
  6. Included subscription hours cannot be used for emergency jobs. Emergency jobs are charged separately via on-demand at the rates outlined below.

Note – After you’ve exhausted your free call outs (as outlined in the above table), remaining use of your included trade hours will incur applicable call out feesThe call out fees are: $55 for handyman & $66 for plumbing and/or electrical services.


VI. Access to on-demand trades & services

If you’ve exhausted your annual trade hours included in your subscription, you can still get access to licensed & insured trades through your Upkeep+ subscription. As an Upkeep customer, you will be able to access on-demand trades at competitive prices. You can access trades on-demand to action remaining items in your maintenance plan or ad-hoc improvement projects.


What You Get

  1. Seamless access to our trade network, as you need it.
  2. Handyman at $65 per hour, with a callout fee of $55.
  3. Plumber or Electrician at $88 per hour, with a callout fee of $66.
  4. Cleaner at $40 per hour, subject to a 2-hour minimum booking.
  5. Job to be carried out within 5 business days of booking request, 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

What’s Not Included

  1. Cost of materials. Where possible, the service providers will purchase these for you at trade prices.

VII. Access to home emergency help

Upkeep+ is designed to help proactively catch maintenance issues for your home, so they don’t turn into larger problems down the road. However, we understand that emergencies are a part of home ownership so Upkeep+ customers can access emergency assistance services.


What You Get

  1. Emergency access to licensed & insured plumbers & electricians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Turnaround time of 5 hours between 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. $100 per hour, with a $100 callout fee.
  3. Turnaround time of 24 hours, between 5pm to 7am or anytime on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday. $150 per hour, with a $150 callout fee for weekends or $300 callout fee for a Public Holiday.

What’s Not Included

  1. Cost of materials. Where possible, you can get access to these at trade prices.

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