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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Upkeep+! If you have any other questions about our product, please contact us directly. You can email us at hello@upkeepplus.com or call us at 1800 845 213.

Why Upkeep+?

Upkeep+ bundles your home maintenance needs into a simple monthly fee. Not only could you save up to 40% compared to market rates, you’ll enjoy perks like a dedicated home manager who’ll inspect your property, create a personalised annual plan, find tradies, and help book your projects — all without you having to lift a finger.

We carefully check every tradie & business we partner with to ensure they can provide top quality, reliable & cost-effective service. Our tradie network is carefully vetted & fully licensed. So you can relax, knowing that you’ll get great service, quality & value on every job.

Every customer will have a personal home manager, a maintenance expert who is ready to give you helpful guidance about your home’s maintenance & improvement needs, and the most important jobs to prioritise with your included tradie hours. Plus, there’s no need for you to call around, as the scheduling & planning will be done for you.

About The Subscription

Our subscriptions include the key things that a home needs to help keep it in tip-top condition every year. Plumbing, electrical and handyman hours help ensure your critical home systems and spaces work the way they should. Home services inclusions include an annual pest treatment to keep your home bug-free and, if you’re living in a house, an annual gutter clean to keep them leaf and debris free. Plus the maintenance check-ups provide an ongoing record of your property condition, whilst also taking care of the little things like filter changes, smoke alarm checks and squeaky doors, to help ensure your home is a safe and happy place to be. For a full list of inclusions, refer to the Detailed Inclusions page.

The best way to take good care of your home is to address issues proactively, before they become costly & dangerous emergency jobs. Our upfront, bespoke home inspection will identify the highest priority jobs to help ensure your home stays safe & maintains its value.

After the upfront inspection for your home is completed, we’ll prioritise the most important jobs, as well as the jobs that matter most to you (e.g. home improvements that have been in your backlog). The home manager will work with you to put all this together in an annual plan & action them with your included tradie hours. If you’ve used up your included tradie hours, you can access on-demand services for the additional jobs.

Sit back & relax. Scheduling of jobs throughout the year will be taken care of, and we’ll work with you to find times that suit. We’ll also send you reminders as jobs are coming up.

The initial property inspection & ongoing maintenance check-ups are designed to provide you with a prioritised list of jobs to complete using your included hours. You are also free to use your included tradie hours for any additional maintenance or home improvement jobs around your house, subject to any specific exclusions outlined on the Detailed Inclusions page or in our Terms & Conditions.

While Upkeep+ subscriptions include a base level of trade hours, we know that some customers will want extra work done throughout the year. To provide for this, Upkeep+ subscribers get unlimited access to “on-demand” tradie services (i.e. pay-as-you-go). By using on-demand trades, you can enjoy access to our vetted trade network at competitive, flat hourly rates.


Note: We will contact you if a project you request requires additional on-demand hours (i.e. in addition to your included trade hours) & will send a cost estimate from the tradie before the work begins.

One of the perks of the Upkeep+ subscription service is that you can use your included hours to finally start checking off your backlog of home improvement ideas like installing fans, fixing your deck, etc. All you’ve got to do is contact your home manager, and they’ll provide any recommendations or estimates.

Note: Currently, we are legally required to limit the size of these handyman jobs to $5,000, as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions. Handyman also can’t perform jobs that require a specialist trade.

We know life’s full of unexpected twists & turns, and not everything can be planned for. That’s why you can get access to emergency after-hours work as part the on-demand trade access via Upkeep+. When a maintenance emergency arises, please first ensure you & your family is safe. If there is no immediate danger, you may call 1800 845 213 to be directed to our out-of-hours trusted emergency trades partner.


Emergency rates for plumbing & electrical services are as follows:

  • Emergency, in hours (Monday to Friday, 7 am – 5 pm): $100/ hr with a $100 call-out fee.
  • Emergency, after hours (Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 7 am; weekends): $150/ hr with a $150 call-out fee.
  • Emergency, public holiday $150/hr with a $300 call-out fee.

Materials are not included in the subscription price, because we know customers want to be able to choose the quality of the materials that go into their home. Any materials used by our trusted tradie network will be provided to you at cost.

Included in your Upkeep+ subscription are 2 free handyman call-outs & up to 2 free plumber or electrical call-outs (2 for house tier subscription; 1 for apartment tier subscriptions). This means, for the first few times we send a tradie out to your home, you won’t incur any call out fees. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to group jobs in your plan together, so you get maximum value from each free call out fee (e.g. if your plan has 3 jobs that require a plumber, we’ll try & ensure those jobs happen in the same visit by our plumber). After you have used up your free call outs, for the remainder of your subscription year you can easily access trades at our flat rate call-out fees: $66 per plumber or electrician call-out & $55 per handyman call-out.

Yes. We will collate & store a history of all your maintenance jobs & property condition details for you to access securely with your Upkeep+ login.

While we’re sure you’ll be over the moon about your Upkeep+ experience, you are free to cancel at any time.


Note: You may need to pay an additional fee if you have used more trades & services than the subscription fees paid at the time you choose to cancel. If you do not complete your first 12-month subscription period, we may also need to charge you for the initial property inspection. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

We do not currently allow users to roll unused inclusions over to their next year. If you do have unused inclusions coming into the end of the year, you can discuss with your home manager how you could use them before they expire.

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