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Common jobs done with Upkeep+

We group and organise your tasks together to reduce the number of tradie call-outs.

Job type
Job name
Est. labour time
Remove and replace 2 smoke alarms
1 hour
Install 2 downlights
1 hour
Replace damaged powerpoint
0.5 hours
Remove and replace exhaust fan in bathroom
1 hour
Remove and replace rangehood
1 hour
Replace 2 flexi-hoses in bathroom
1 hour
Replace faulty gas stove top burners
1.5 hours
Replace leaking internal tap
1 hour
Replace rusted or damaged down pipe
1 hour
Replace faulty washers causing leaking tap
0.5 hours
Silicone seal shower floor junction
1 hour
Adjust jamming internal door
1 hour
Install bike racks
1 hour
Adjust windows that are painted shut
2 hours
Patch and paint dents and scratches in wall
2 - 3 hours
Install window lock
0.5 hours

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In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

We understand home maintenance can be challenging and stressful at times, but you can get the peace of mind that comes with a tailored Maintenance Plan and access to Upkeep+’s curated network of experienced and licensed trades. In partnership with NRMA Insurance, we are committed to building our brand around our customers. We are committed to providing the best possible service that comes from being a part of Australia’s largest general insurer, IAG.